New to knitting - Fingerless Mittens

Hi all,

Am new to knitting and I am making some fingerless mittens. All is going well and it looks very nice!!

But I don’t quite understand the instructions for shaping the thumb.

It says k21 and turn. Completed!

Then next row: cast on and p 4 sts, P8 and turn
Next row: cast on and k 4 sts, K to end.

I am I right that I cast on the 4 sts, pearl these, then pearl the next 8 sts next to it and then turn? Visa versa for the k.

The instructions then go on to say work a further 9 rows on these 16 sts. So p8 then k8 etc?

Sorry very new!!! :wink: :??

You’re right that you cast on 4sts, purl the 4 and purl the next 8sts, then turn, cast on 4sts, knit the 4 and knit the next 12sts (k to the end). For the next 9 rows, alternate a purl row with a knit row. You’ll be doing stockinette st which has all knit sts in one row and all purl sts on the next row…

Thank you!!

I will give that a go! fingers crossed!!