New to knitting, but love it, have a question!

Just want to say this is an incredible site and I love it. I am new to knitting, but I have been crocheting for about 20 years. Knitting is different though. I have knitted about five scarves, real simple patterns, just a nice garter stitch. I think I have my tension right and understand most of the patterns. I recently bought a book by recommendation to try to make the Einstein coat. Looks fairly easy, but I don’t get the slip stitch that starts each row. The pattern tells me to do a purl wise slip stitch with the yarn in front for the first stitch. I understand the purl wise slip stitch, but I don’t get why or how to put the yarn in front when I am starting the row. After the first stitch you are supposed to put the yarn in back again and knit the rest of the row. Can someone explain this to me or give me any suggestions? Thanks!


well i haven’t seen this coat pattern though i have heard a lot about it. If i am reading what you are saying correctly you are basically doing a garter stitch on this coat correct? (knitting every row?)

If so when you turn your work your yarn should already be hanging forward. normally you would have to bring the yarn forward between the two needles but when you are knitting every row, when you turn the work the yarn is already forward and you would have to bring it around back to start the knit row. Since it is already forward all you have to do is slip it like you are going to do a purl stitch, without actually creating the purl stitch (does that make sense?) and then to continue bring the yarn back (between the needles) and begin knitting as instructed.

hope that makes sense…

I am going to try what you suggested. Thanks.

Here is what the pattern says exactly just so you can see exactly what I am reading. Am I making it harder than it needs to be?

[i]"There is a slip stitch at the edges of all the garment pieces. this treatment makes the garment hang and assemble nicely. Failure towork these slip stitches will make the garment lool sloppy. To learn it, and imbed it in your memory, I suggest you practice. So, here are directions for a gauge swatch,

Cast on 15 stitches
Work garter st with slip-stitch (sl-st) edge: with yarn in front (yf), slip first st purl-wise, take yarn to back, and knit to end. Repeat this row to 13 garter ridges. Bind Off. Piece should measure 4 x 4 without including sl sts, cast-on or bind off."[/i]

yeah i would say that you just need to make sure to slip that stitch before moving the yarn back and you should be good.

Thanks so much for your help! I will try it and try it and try it until I get it to work.

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They make a really big deal of this simple thing. When they say to take the yarn to the back, I believe they mean to bring it around the side and to the back, rather than between the stitches. It makes a nice edge there. See what looks best to you.