New to knitting but having a problem with a hat

Hi there, I’m new to knitting and my Mum is teaching me at the moment. I was given a pattern for Christmas, knitting a hat with wendy serenity chunky wool. All was going well on the first 6 rows until I started the pattern, there are 55 stitches and despite be checking ecah section and counting over and over again when I get to the end of the row there seems to be a stitch too much as I can’t finish the pattern hence the next row doesn’t line up. I have so far unpicked the row and started again 4 times and still have the same problem, what could I be doing wrong?

If you post just that row we can help you figure it out. Also make sure you’ve got the right number of sts from the previous row.

Also tell us if you’re knitting it flat or in the round.