New to knitting as well

My name is Cathy, and I am very new to knitting and I am so happy to find this forum so that I can get some help when and if I need it.
Thank you for all the help I am sure I will need.
I have been looking at some of the pretty patterns and knitted pretties that you all have made and love them.

Happy knitting,
Love Cathy. :XX:

:waving: Hey, welcome to the forum :smiley:

Welcome!! This site is awesome, it is where I learned to knit last summer. Best group of ladies on the net! :heart:

Hi Cathy and welcome to KH! IMO it’s about the best place there is.

Welcome! This is a great place - I’ve only been knitting for about six months, but I always find the most helpful people here!


Hey, I’ve been knnitting for 6 months too :shock:

Anyway, great to have you aboard! Another newbie high five I’m sure you’ll love it here :thumbsup:

Welcome Cathy. I’m so happy to meet you and lok forward to continued chats.

Welcome!! :smiley: This is a wonderful site! You can find answers to just about any question you have, knitting & otherwise. Glad you found knitting! :XX:

:cheering: Welcome to the forum!!! :happydance:

:cheering: welcome! you will love it here! :heart:

Welcome Cathy!

And us few boys ain’t so bad either!

Welcome aboard, Cathy!

And us few boys ain’t so bad either!

Welcome aboard, Cathy![/quote]

:rofling: That’s for sure! Can’t forget about you guys :wink:

Hi Cathy :smiley:

I’m new to this forum, too - I really love it here - I’ve found answers to loads of knitting questions I have from just browsing the topics! Its great! :XX: :thumbsup:

Welcome! :waving:

This place is as addictive as knitting itself. :wink: