New to knitting and want to know if this is how a casting should look

So I just started knitting and I learned from internet videos but I’m not quite sure if I’m casting on properly. I’m using the knit cast on. I want to post a picture but I don’t see an option for that. Just seems like there’s a big space between my second row and third row. Ok found the photo option. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

This is pretty common for the knit cast on. You can just about see it in this video which follows one for the knit cast on (see about 7:00min).

You might try the cable cast on or, my go-to cast on, the long tail.

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If was thinking the Long Tail cast on is a stockinette stitch cast on.

I tried a few variations and found the crochet cast on gives me the best look for a finished edge for a garter stitch hem or pattern edge.

A Crochet Cast On YouTube video

Right side:

Wrong side

Long Tail cast on:
Right side? Four rows.

Wrong side? Fourth row.

Edit to add that I do not see much difference now that all four photos are together.

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Cool thanks! I haven’t learned any other methods of casting on yet. It’s kind of overwhelming :slight_smile:

Ok I can see it a bit… feel like my space in between rows is more pronounced. But then again, guess it just takes time.