New to knitting and the forum and need help with gussets

I am new to knitting and have been learning how to knit wool diaper covers for my daughter. I am using the Evie pants pattern and everything is going great, but I am on my 3rd set of longies that I have made and I am still having issues with creating huge holes in the gusset. The pattern says to increase after the 1st gusset marker and m1f,k,m1b, and it always seems like I do a gret job on the m1b, but all the ones I m1f, leave gaping holes. Does anyone have any suggestions? I ever tried really tighting the yarn when I did it and it didn’t seem to work. Please help :slight_smile:

Thank You:knitting:

Welcome to Knitting Help!

Gussets can be a problem for a lot of things. You might try intentionally twisting the stitch by knitting through the back loop of the stitch (or front loop if that twists it). If you need to you can also pick up an extra stitch and then on the next row knit those two together.

If all else fails you can use some yarn to weave in around them, kind of duplicates stitching, when you’re all done.

I think twisting the sts as Jan suggests should tighten up any holes. There are videos under the Free Videos tab, Increases for the paired increases m1f and m1b (here and here) that may help.

Thank you so much for the help ladies. I will definitely try that out and see how it goes :slight_smile: