New to knitting and stuck on baby bootees pattern


I am new to the site and knitting I am following a Debbie bliss pattern and am not sure where to go next it says to:

Cut row - is this like casting off or is this were I just cut thread and pass it back through the stitches

Sorry it is probably a simple answer:)

Then it says:

Rejoin yarn at base of instep, pick up and k13 sts evenly along side of instep, k across centre 8sts,then pick up and k13 sts along other side of instep, k rem 13 sts

I am lost with the above help!!


Welcome to KH. Looking ahead in the pattern does it later tell you to pick up stitches where you are now or is there some indication that the stitches should be on a holder? Without being able to see the pattern that’s all I can offer right now.

What’s the name of the pattern? If we can find a picture that might help.

ETA It might be explained somewhere in the book. :shrug:

Hi and welcome to the forum!
The pattern isn’t exactly like this one but it sounds similar.

If you look at about the 7 minute point, you’ll see that the yarn is cut leaving about a 6 inch tail. Your pattern then wants you to pick up sts at the base of the instep (that’s where you started knitting those middle sts for the instep or top of the foot.) The video shows you working from the held sts but you can ignore that.
Here’s a video for picking up sts in case you’d like to see it.