New to knitting and need your help please :)


I am 30 years old and trying to knit 2 small sheep using a kit designed for kids ages 8-12. I am feeling pretty bad about myself that I am stuck on the part after the cast-on. I have never knitted before. So here is what the first “steps” say:

Cast on 9 sts (I have only done this step)
1st row (WS) knit
2nd row Inc, ML 6 times, inc, k1. 11 sts.

So I am stuck on the “1st row” instructions. I know WS means wrong side but what do I do here? Does anyone know? I would appreciate help and if you could also go ahead and explain what I do for the 2nd row, that would be awesome too. Thank you!!!

The pattern is just giving you information to tell you the first row and all odd numbered ones will be on the wrong side, or the inside of the piece. Even numbered ones are the right side or outside. Most patterns start with row 1 as the RS so this is useful to know.

Row 2 will increase sts and you will probably use the kfb or knit front and back one, but the pattern should explain it. It should also explain ‘ML’ which is probably a loop st to give the loops on the RS. They’ll be in the pattern notes somewhere.

You shouldn’t feel bad! We all had to learn sometime! Most people who are learning knit dishcloths and scarves first to get the hang of it so that’s pretty brave of you to knit sheep!

Cast on 9 sts (I have only done this step)
1st row (WS) knit
2nd row Inc, ML 6 times, inc, k1. 11 sts.

Agreed, very brave of you indeed. For row one, the pattern just wants you to do the knit stitch across all 9 cast on stitches.

Thank you all for your help and positive comments! I am so slow and am now on row 2 which says “inc., ML 6 times, inc, k1, 11sts.” I believe I have figured out how to ‘ML 6 times.’ In the instruction book it says that means ‘make loop’ so I did that 6 times…But what do I do next when it says: "inc, k1, 11sts? Does this means increase knit by 1 which will give me 11 stitches? As you can see I am such a beginner. :aww:

Beginner is good. You’re working your way through it and you’ll know all this for next time.

Yes, increase in a stitch. You must have increased at the beginning of the row also:
2nd row [U]Inc[/U], ML 6 times, [U]inc[/U], k1. 11 sts.
so do the same kind of increase here too.

Thanks! But what exactly does ‘increase a stitch mean?’ If I did increase at the beginning of the 2nd row, I didn’t know about it. :??

Take a look at this increase which would work in your pattern.
It’s easy to make an accidental increase at the beginning of a row it you pull the working yarn up over the needle. It makes one stitch look like two sts and if you knit into both, you’ll increase the number of sts.

I actually just looked up the same thing! I think I remember doing that in the beginning of the row so that’s great. Thank you!!:thumbsup: