New to knitting and need help!

Hello there,

I am a new knitter and am really enjoying learning. I am currently knitting my future niece or nephew some mittens and booties. I have completed the mittens successfully but am stuck with the booties. I have just divided for the instep but now the instructions say:

Break off yarn. With RS facing rejoin yarn to instep by picking up and knitting 9sts evenly up side edge of instep, knit acros 9sts, pick up and knit 9sts evenly down other side edge and knit across rem 9 sts.

Well I have shown my Mum who doesn’t understand and she is usually an ace knitter!! Help would be gratefully received!

Please link to the pattern if you have it or give us the name of the pattern. There are a ton of bootie patterns so it would help us if we knew which one.

You’re going to keep 9 sts on the needles, but they want you to pick up sts along the side of the piece where you have those 9 sts. It probably looks like this, a little - |___| - and you’re going to start the pick up along one side of it, the knit the 9 sts and pick up another 9 sts on the other side of that piece. There’s a video for picking up sts on the Tips page.

I just knit a pair of socks and I found the following video series so completely helpful in trying to figure out how things would go:

I love her series on knitting socks! That was a brilliant find.