New to knitting and need advice

Hi Everyone,

I am pretty new at knitting. I’ve made all of the scarves I care to make for awhile and am ready to make something a little different. I’d love to make an afghan.
Does anyone know of an easy pattern that is for adults? The patterns I’ve found for easy knitting are always for babies.

Thanks in advance,

An afghan is a huge long term project usually. Are you looking to learn some new techniques or just do the same thing only larger? Unless you want so do squares or strips you’ll probably need to use circular needles…that is needles with a cord connecting them. Here is a link to a whole bunch of afghans as well as tons of other projects.

Knitting Pattern Central

Welcome to the forum! :cheering:

I’m fairly new to knitting too. When I got sick of scarfs I did a baby blanket with a checkerd board pattern. It was a small baby blanket and I felt like it was NEVER ending. Then about 9 months ago I decided to do a “thick and fast” afghan… thick, yes… fast… well I guess it was faster than it would have been if it wasn’t so thick and didn’t use big needles. But, again it felt like it would NEVER end. I finally just said I’M DONE! and just stopped and finished it. Now it’s a little smaller than I wanted but it’s perfect for a lap blanket.

My advice is to try something that can give some immediate gratification. I usually enjoy the process of activities not only the end product. But afghans got boring too fast for me. I have a new appreciation for scarfs now and I’m also trying mittens. It’s a learning process but at least I can see the end much faster.

Good luck on whatever project you decide to do!

Thanks for the replies and the links.
I am knitting a man’s scarf right now. I love the pattern of it. I would love to see it as an afghan. It’s a basic k4, p4 and it gives the look of a weave.

There was a pattern for a strip afghan that looks easy enough for me. I may try it.