New to knitting and in need of help with pattern

Hello! I am a new knitter and I am working on a pattern for a pair of booties. The pattern says…

Make instep: 1st row: (RS). K14 (15-16). P3 (4-5). K5. P3 (4-5). Turn. Leave rem sts unworked.
2nd row: K3 (4-5). P5. K3 (4-5). Turn. Leave rem sts unworked. 14 (15-16) sts.
3rd row: P3 (4-5). K5. P3 (4-5). 4th row: K3 (4-5). P5. K3 (4-5). Rep last 2 rows 3 (4-5) times more.
Break yarn. Leave these 11 (13- 15) sts on a needle.

Shape foot: Next row: With RS of work facing, pick up and knit 8 (10-12) sts along right side of instep. K4 (5-6). K2tog. K5 (6- 7) from left-hand needle. Pick up and knit 8 (10-12) sts along left side of instep. Knit across rem 14 (15-16) sts. 54 (62-70) sts.
Knit 5 rows across all sts (garter st).

My question is, do I leave all of the stitches on the needles along with the 11 that they see to keep on the needle? Or, do all of the stitches come off of the needle except for the 11 that they specify? I am not sure how to continue after it says, Break yarn. Leave these 11 (13- 15) sts on a needle. Here is a link to the pattern that I am currently working from.

Thank you, thank you for your help!

Welcome to KH!
Yes, leave all the sts on the needle. You’ll need them after you break the yarn. If you lay the booties out in on a table with the needle with the 11sts farthest from you, you’ll see an upside down T. Attach the yarn strand a the inner corner of the T on the right side. Pick up 8sts along that edge (the upright of the T). It’s the edge formed when you knit the 11sts for ~10 rows. Now knit across the 11sts on the needle as directed and then pick up 8sts on the other edge. Continue with the 14sts remaining (the crossbar on the T).
On the following row, knit across all sts including the 14sts on the other part of the T crossbar.


Thank you! The picture is especially helpful!