New to knitting and I'm a bit confused about the pattern I'm following. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m currently trying to make a blanket for my baby due in november and didn’t realise the pattern is for intermediate level knitting.
I think I have done it right so far these are the instructions:
Main piece
Using 4.00mm needles, cast on 159 sts.
Beg 1 x 1 rib - 1st row - K2, *P1, K1, rep from * to last st, K1.
2nd row - K1, *P1, K1, rep from * to end.
Rep 1st and 2nd rows twice more, then first row once.

I am stuck on the next row the 8th row it says Rib 9, rib 2tog, * rib 4, rib 2tog, rep from * to last 10 sts, rib 10 = 135sts

First of all what is rib 9? I have tried to look everywhere but cant find anything. A decent explanation or a video would help me greatly.

Second what is rib 2tog?

Any help is appreciated!

Weloome to KH and to knitting!
The instructions want you to continue the rib pattern by working 9 sts in rib. Row 8, like row 2 would start k1,p1,k1, p1,k1,p1, k1,p1,k1 then k2tog or p2tog and continue with 4sts in rib pattern, then work 2sts together. It’s a way of decreasing sts across the row before you start the main body of the pattern. “Rib 9” just means to work in the k1p1 rib pattern.
The key thing to remember is to keep the columns of knits and purls in line as much as you can after the decrease. Just look at the rows below and let them guide you as to whether the next stitch is a knit or a purl.
What pattern are you doing?

Thank you for replying.
Makes a bit more sense.
I have attached photos of the pattern.

Think of “rib” as shorthand way for the pattern to avoid spelling out k1p1 etc. or k2tog or p2tog.

Welcome , Thank you for holding the pattern in front of the camera.
It always makes it instantly easy to understand what is going on
with your situation.:slight_smile: