New to knitting, and I need help

Hi everyone,
I’ve just started knitting and I can knit and purl, however when I knit 1, purl 1, my stitches increase.
It’s almost like instead of just one piece of yarn per stitch, they have a loop creating to two pieces of yarn per stitch.
What am I doing wrong?

Hi and welcome!
You may be taking the working yarn over the right needle when you change between knits and purls. Be sure to bring the working yarn [I]between[/I] the two needles when you change stitches.

Make sure that when you knit or purl a stitch you are pulling the one you just knit or purl off the other needle. Sounds stupid but it could be an issue for a beginner.

Also take a look at these videos

For english style knitting follow the steps this video shows exactly

If you are a continental knitter (just means you hold your yarn in the left hand) follow these steps this video shows exactly

Also it could be the way you cast on. What method are you using?

Yes, it sounds like you’re taking the yarn over the needle instead of between them if your stitches are nearly doubled. There’s a video for ribbing on the Tips page that shows you how to move the yarn.