New to Knitting and crazy about it!

Is it worth paying someone to help you learn to knitt correctly?o:knitting: Also could use any motivational thoughts to keep me tring to knit my first scarf, hot pink for my daughter, who is a Sr at LSU.

Many people have learned through the videos here, on Youtube and at knit picks, or through books which can be checked out from your library. Then they can come to the forums to ask questions that can’t be figured out on their own. Taking a class may be a good idea, but don’t expect to knit better any sooner than learning on your own. It takes some practice to get it put together, but you learn something with each project.

Do you want to just make a plain scarf for your daughter? A scarf that’s knit every row is fairly easy and good for learning, but it can get boring after the first couple feet. What you could do is get some inexpensive medium weight smooth yarn in a lighter color and size 9 or 10 needles and just practice things that are shown on this site. Like cast on 20 stitches, knit several rows, purl a row and alternate knit and purl rows, increase, decrease and bind off. That will get you some practice with the basics and maybe an interesting wall hanging.