New to knitting - a bit lost with the pattern


Hi everyone. I am knitting a jumper (first time ever knitting something that is not a scarf). I think I’ve cracked the knitting code to be able to follow the pattern, but I’m still not sure about one of the directions. The pattern says: " Work 5 sts at the time like this: Row 1-2: Knit 1 st throught the back loop, work in stockinette until 1 st remain (of the 5 sts), slip 1 wyif…" What does it mean with “Work 5 sts at the time”? Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum!?
Maybe it means “5 sts at a time”?
What is the name of the pattern you’re using?
How many sts are on the needle total?


Hi salmonmac. Thanks for your reply. I have 80 sts in total. I got confused because I was not sure if it meant that I had to make 5 sts in the same st or if I had to work in sets of 5 sts. I assumed it was the latter, but I just wanted to check first. The pattern is an English version from a pattern in Norwegian and my first language is not English (it’s Spanish), so I’m learning all the terms for knitting in English, and I think the translation is not very good, which makes things a bit confusing. I attached an image of the pattern, just the bit that I am working on at the moment, which is the neck (the rows in blue). Thank you. 09


Ah yes, sounds like a translation. You are right, it’s sets of 5 sts. Good for you for being so adventurous.


Great :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!