New to Group.. hmm how about a SPIN A LONG?

[color=indigo] Dear ones, I am new to the site and so happy to find spinners!! See my sites below to learn more about me. I was wondering if there is such a thing as a spin along?? I know there are knit alongs… but do spinners ever swap fiber, etc? I am all by myself up here near the biggest mountain in VT, and we have around 36 " of snow… been spinning by hand spindle and by wheel. I am thinking of getting a spindolyn… well, actually I AM going to get one. So far, i have made 4 spindles ,and so figured i could have one for my birthday… Of those I made I have given away 2. I bought a laceweight laser cut you can see in my art gallery pics. So I have 3, but I was warned… that hand spindles are just like potato chips you can’t eat just one!!
I have so many questions for you sister spinners… for instance… here is a big one.
We buy roving made in long lengths… but I have been getting my fleece and having it cleaned or cleaning it myself and then hand carding… and I just get the short rolags. I don’t have a set of those dutch combs or a bench comb so how can I make those lovely LONG rovings to dye? I am great at dyeing silk, now am moving over to wool and wool/silk blends.
I want to do some experimentation.
Oh I got some merino/ silk laps too but they are soo slippery to spin. I mainly spin silk from hankies. I might progress to caps soon!
Oh can you just see me gushing all over? You would think i hardly ever speak to other spinners… like that is right! I am on the get stitchy site as I did the kool aid dye along…
So, has anyone done a Spin along or something along those lines? How does it work?
[/color] :happydance:

[b][color=indigo]In another group I’ve done a dyed fiber swap. One dyes up one ounce of fiber for each participant. Sends them all to the coordinator with postage. S/he divides them all up and ships back to the participants.

Spinning might have to be a one to one endeavor, tho…[/color][/b]

Dear Lizzie, SO good to see you here! I love your purple tofusies!! They are gorgeous , you know my love of all things purple!
Where did you get that pattern? I am here to try to find other spinners PLUS finally learn a toe up sock on 2 Circs. I need to learn to make some plus size socks for moi, since I have problems with one foot a bit larger than the other from lymphadema.
I did not know you also spun wool! Do you have any pics?
Do you think there would be interest in doing a fiber swap on this site? I mean Unspun fiber?
I would love to host a favorite fiber swap.
I was planning on each person sending in a certain amount of their
favorite fiber, dyed or undyed, just whatever they LOVE to spin and limiting this to a dozen or so, to keep ship costs down.
What do you think? I wonder if there is a swap spot here.

It’s interesting, but I’m all swapped out right now. I did a sock swap and a spin swap. Mailing the spin swap out this weekend.

You may get enough people interested tho, these spin forums are picking up a bit.

[b][color=violet]Dear one, can you tell me how spinning swaps usually go?
How much fiber, etc and what do they like to do in them?
i am a collage artist too, so although i have hosted from about 30 swaps in papermaking, collage, cardmaking, atc etc, i have not yet done a fiber one… but want to.
What makes a fiber swap interesting and GREAT? Yet not too expensive?
Oh and I really really liked your sheep you made to keep your knitting marked.

This is my first spin swap. However, the swaps are about the same. No dollar amount was mentioned, it is up to the giver. 90yds is what is obligated. That’s it. It is all up to the giver.

A survey was sent to everyone. It had you list any allergies, hobbies, and skill level.

My suggestion is to do a dollar amount. Do a few ranges such as $15, $25, and $35. Something like that. If it is a spin swap, yardage is something to consider.

[color=indigo]It’s just a regular sock pattern. Nothing special about it. Ribbing, leg, heel, foot, toe…I CO 64 sts for mine on size 2 needles.[/color]

learn a toe up sock on 2 Circs.
[color=indigo]Kristin is going to do a tutorial on it soon.[/color]

Do you think there would be interest in doing a fiber swap on this site? I mean Unspun fiber?
[color=indigo] Dunno… :?? Let’s see what everyone else has to say.[/color]