New to forum

I have been browing and learned many things tonight :smiley: Thanks to you I think :?? I can do intarsia now. I’'l be back for more help.

Julie :XX:

Welcome Julie! Glad you’ve learned something new and we hope to hear from you again soon! :slight_smile:

Welcome Julie!! :waving:

Welcome along Julie! :waving:

Welcome!! :waving:

:waving: Howdy!

Hi Julie! Isn’t this site the bomb!?! Hope you stick around and that we can encourage your knitting addiction. :lol:

Welcome Julie!!

Wow… Another Julie :shock:

I :heart: this site!!! It’s easy to use and the people are soooo helpful.I plan on coming to this forum from now on :smiley:

 Julie-2   :roflhard:

Welcome Julie!

:waving: Welcome to the forum!!! :happydance:

Being a novice @ Knitting I am “lost” on what to do with the last Loop after binding off. There is not another Knit loop to Loop over & there is (1) loop left On the Knitting needle! what to Do? I really desired to mail this to the east coast for My cousin but looks like it will be getting there after Christmas :frowning: Can Someone help please? Thank U :wink:

Cut the yarn, leaving a tail long enough to weave into your stitches. Then either pull out the loop and secure the end, or thread the end through the loop and tighten it, then fasten it down.

We’re thrilled to have you here, Julie. I’m a beginner and joined several months ago, and everyone here has helped me in so many ways; I honestly think that I might have abandoned knitting altogether because it was so hard. Now I find it to be an enjoyable experience! I still have my “moments”, but coming to the forum to ask advice or just to cruise around adds a feeling of security and fun in my knitting life. So enjoy and it’s great that you’re here.:hug: