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Hi all

This is the sort of knitting I almost exclusively do now.


What a great design.
I can’t get perspective on it so I have to ask, what are you making?

It is a sweater for my sister-in-law (what we call a jumper here in Australia) that is just the back or front I forget but thanks for the compliment

It is almost 5 am here and that is my design and all I need to do is really make sure that the sleeves are the right length. I always do both sleeves at the same time and have done 112 rows and just need to really check how many more rows I need to make them the correct lenghth (Original shape is 120 rows). The basic size is 100 stitches at shoulder but this is 110 wide so not many more to go on sleeves on 4.5 mm needles (the only size that is always 7).

I used a Kaffe Fasett pattern size (brushstrokes from his family album) but don’t like the sewing part on the underarm part so I changed the width of it. I also changed the neckband to go with the design.

This would not be possible by me if I did not make so many mistakes doing a few of his pattern. I have done 3 of them but on one I changed the sleeves a lot, I did arrows on the sleeves.

But I only found this site searching for a perfect cast on K2,P2 rib because I prefer that and my next I am entering in the Royal Easter show Sydney. It is all planned (not what goes where with the zig zags) but will be blues and greens only for me. I am a male.

very nice work, and hello!
I see you’re an early riser like me.

Wow! I’m so impressed with the patterning of this sweater. It looks fantastic! Love the colours!
TEMA :yay:

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This knitting looks beautiful - as good as Kaffe Hasett himself!

I was in Sydney twice - for the Olympics and again in 2003/4 for the wedding of my husband’s nephew to a Sydney girl.

On the second occasion I bought a jumper - we call it that in the UK also - designed by the Purely Australian Clothing Company. I was fascinated with the design and have tried to figure it out. I can’t find an image of my jumper, but here is a link to a close-up of another one which shows the kind of detail these jumpers have:…0…1ac.1.64.img…1.12.1030.h6n17bxPqvQ#imgrc=QPLQgxcB9zNxQM%3A

Can you shed any light? Is it done by machine?

Oh, be sure and post a photo when you’ve completed your jumper!


Thank you for the compliments.

@knitonepurrtwo, No I was up all night the fireworks really scare my dog lol.

@NorthernIrelandKnitter, I have no idea but maybe it is possible. When I was sewing teddy bears I saw a sewing machine that you could program to do incredible stuff and that was over 10 years ago. The comparison to Kaffe made me feel good.

Hi it has been a while a lot of water has passed under the bridge, but I have been doing cable knitting lately. I finished that red thing and then did this and just can’t help changing patterns to make what I do unique


sorry about the delay I just did post something, but reading that comment again makes me feel good. My dear sister-in-law loves bright colours and purple too so this pic is for you

See I can do this stuff but the real thrill is when someone likes it and is willing to pose for pics. i was really surprised when Katie liked this and posed for pics. the sleeves are different colours and arrows

The sweaters are gorgeous. Katie looks fabulous in hers! Well done.

I’m so glad my comments made you feel good. Thanks for posting the photo of you(?) wearing your creation - it suits you well and your sister-in-law looks lovely in hers too. As for the Aran, etc., creations, they look great - you’re a very clever knitter!


Thanks but as I said Katie offered to model it, that is mine.

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Thanks Gillian