New to Forum

Hi everyone,
I just signed on today! This is an amazing site. I am not a new knitter, I have been doing hand and machine knitting for many years (I won’t tell you how many):wink: so I hope I can help out now and again.


Welcome to Knitting Help! I’ve only been knitting for 4.5 yrs, but I’m old enough I could have a lot of years under my belt. :lol:

Welcome to the site and will look forward to your contributions.

I don’t mind saying that I taught myself to knit in HS… 45 years ago. You do the math.

Thanks for the welcome Jan!

Hey welcome! :hug: I hope you have a fantastic time on the forum! I taught myself to knit a few years ago and have been helped more than I have helped but I hope that will change! :wink:


I am new to knitting AND the forum and am very excited by both!:grphug:

This is the best forum I have found for anything on the web.

Hi, Catherine! :waving:

You have definitely discovered an awesome site here at KH! I can’t begin to tell you how much the members have helped me and also just contributed to my overall knowledge by their posts to each other!

And that’s not even giving Amy credit for her wonderful and informative instructional videos! This is definitely the place to be knitting wise!

And it’s always great to welcome more members!

Happy knitting, :knitting:

HI and welcome to the site i like several was taught by grandma when i was little then put away the art till i grew up then decided one to pick up the art again and threw this site i was back to knits and pearls in an afternoon

hugs all

mama biker:grphug: