New to forum

Hi, my name is Laticia and I just joined the forum, after discovering the video help site via a link from a Yahoo list I am on. I nearly lost my mind when I saw the video how to turn a sock heel. I can barely knit, and my desire is to be able to knit socks from the wool yarn I spin. I have a lovely friend who knits socks for me and they are so wonderful in the winter and they custom fit. She has so spoiled me I cant even tolerate wearing store bought socks anymore. I am a self taught knitter and truly struggle with understanding patterns. I come from a crochet background where theres line by line instructions. I find the majority of knitting patterns to be vague, and when I read something like decrease every third row for 14 rows while doing something else, just makes my eyes roll back in my head, LOL! I ordered the CD/DVD a minute ago, I dont even know what I ordered, lol, if its CDs for the computer or DVDs for the DVD player, all I knew is that for 20 bucks I had the CD that was about socks start to finish! I am not even sure I am posting correctly here, I have not ever seen a forum like this, so if I have posted this in the wrong place please pardon!

Welcome Laticia! This is a great website isn’t it? As a visual learner, I just love those videos.

Have fun and can’t wait to see you post your first sock! :wink:

Welcome, you’ve come to the right place–all ages, levels of experience, areas of expertise–all willing to help! :heart:

Welcome welcome welcome, Leticia! :waving:

ALL of us have felt the same way about Amy’s videos…she’s a lifesaver!

:waving: hi Laticia :waving:
I’m kinda new here too.
this place rawks. so many nice folks very willing to help. so many pretty things to look at.

Welcome Laticia. This is a great place to learn and make new friends and talk about knitting frustrations. :lol:

I might like to discuss spinning with you. I am thinking I might like to start dabbling in that too!

Another welcome, Laticia. I’m also an Amy CD convert. This place, with all the helpful ladies and gents, and Amy’s video’s, have been the only thing that prevented me from giving up and tossing my needles in the nearest gargage can. :wink:

Hi! This is what I used to learn how to knit socks, Silver’s Sock Class. She is very explicit and has LOTS of pictures. Plus, she is a contributor to this board…if you run into any snags I am sure she would help with any questions. (silver…don’t you just love being volunteered without your knowledge??? If only you didn’t post such a good sock class…:slight_smile: )

Just go for it. If you can knit and purl, you can do it!!! (Where is KellyK for some proper encouragement/cheering? :cheering: )

Kelly must be off knitting a new set of Pom-Pom’s. :lol:

I ditto Silver’s Sock Class. The step-by-step photo’s and instructions are awesome! :thumbsup: