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Hello! It’s wonderful to be here! I’m from Pennsylvania and I love to knit, especially as the weather gets colder (unlike my sun-loving husband, I am one of those people who actually likes when it gets dark earlier. Pajamas at 7 pm and knitting needles in my hand = heaven). I have knitted nothing more complicated than a few hats, a baby blanket, slippers and scarves, but I’m longing to be better and more prolific at it and to try some more sophisticated patterns. Currently working on a cowl scarf, which will be finished in November, which is AMAZING, as I’m one of those people who usually suddenly decides to knit a gift on, oh, December 23! Looking forward to listening, learning and sharing here! Thank you.

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Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!

I agree with you…I love when we go back to standard time so the sun sets early while my husband would love it to stay out till 9pm! I just want it to stay standard time and quit this crazy clock shifting.

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Light and color are the only migraine triggers I’ve identified, less sunshine is great. It usually takes me weeks to recover from the time changes.