New to felting and KALs

Hello from Canada, I finally found a kal for the felted clogs I want to make!!! I don’t know how kal’s work, can I just start anytime, are there deadlines along the way etc…please fill me in.

Looks like you’ve got a great group of knitters on here, Im looking forward to reading more of your posts and of course, getting started on the clogs. Id rate myself an average/advanced beginner(for too long already…), when I read over the pattern for these clogs they looked like a lot of work. Im pleased to read the comments about how easy they really are.


:waving: Welcome to the forum, Veggie!
As for the kal, just hop in and those that are currently doing the kal will happily help you! There is no time line for the majority of our kal’s on KH!

Thanks B. for your reply. Im pretty sure I will be needing all the help I can get!!! Ive never felted anything before, and the instructions for these clogs look quite detailed. Ok, so its up to me…jump in with both needles and begin, right!!!

One of the posts mentioned someone making several pairs for gifts, thats encouraging, maybe Ill get these done faster than I thought LOL.

Cheers!!! and Nighty night :smiley: