New to DPNs

first time with DPNs. when is a good time to put it from DPNs to circular knitting needles. I have 84 on the DPNs now, it doesnt look like it will be easy at anytime, suggestions needed, so confused

Just take the circular needle in your R hand instead of an empty dpn and start knitting with it. If your circ isn’t too long, the sts should fit around it.

Thank you, now to find a little circular needle.


You can use a longer needle and loop the cord. After you’ve got about half the sts knit on it, pull on the R needle tip and make a loop then continue knitting the rest of the sts. You may have to kind of pinch the back set of sts close to the ones still on the dpns for the first few. Then when you get to the loop, pull on the R needle again and loop it. This is a single loop version of Magic Loop which is found on the Advanced Techniques page. Either one will work for you.

I saw your example, I just love smart people!

Thank you, now I don’t have to go and buy another needle set.

Thanks a bunch,:muah: