New to crochet

Hi All, I’m an avid knitter but decided to try crochet. I have mastered the stitches ( I think), but find it hard to understand the patterns, for example what does it mean by :-
Cluster in 1ch so, 1tr round next tr

Thanks in advance.

It is like learning an entirely new language isn’t it? Which pattern are you following?

I think this video may help :grinning:

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Yes it is like a new language

OOh yes I would love to be able to crotchet, I can make a chain but it all looks so lumpy… I need a bit of one to one I think to get me going… I bought a new set of hooks and was determined to master some online tutorials…
back to the knitting… me thinks…
~Anyone in Berkshire give lessons

I’ve always knitted but fancied a change, my mum did try and teach me when I was younger but I couldn’t get the hang of it, wish I tried harder as we lost her 8 years ago.

Is this “Cluster in 1ch so, 1tr round next tr” exactly what it says? The “so” I don’t recognize. It should be defined in the pattern. Also, is this in US or UK terminology? A UK tr is US dc if I recall correctly.

My mother crocheted with thread and steel hooks. She tried to teach me but all I ever managed was a sloppy chain. I sat down with a cheap skein of yarn, a hook, and a booklet to teach me to do granny squares one summer…babysitting full time was sooooooooooo boring!..and finally got it. I didn’t crochet much until many years later. I decided that I would learn to read a pattern and it took a long time but I did manage to follow one. Recently I discovered crochet charts and love them!

@Hilary_Davies The P word applies here. Practice, practice, practice, then you’ll be ready to begin practicing. lol I like bethintx1’s crochet videos on youtube, you might like Mikey of the Crochet Crowd or Moogly or one of many others out there better. Maybe start with a dishcloth and make something useful that a sloppy stitch here and there won’t matter.

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Sorry everyone stupid predictive text it says (cluster in 1ch sp, 1 tr round next tr) I think it’s an uk pattern as queries go to uk.

If it’s not predictive text it’s autocorrect always being such a smartie.
Maybe @OffJumpsJack would take a look too, please?

Just know that tr in an English crochet pattern is a double crochet in American crochet terms.


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@Tangles64 thank you for that, yes I noticed the difference and I’ve mastered the stitches it’s the reading of the pattern I’m having trouble with.

(cluster in 1ch sp, 1 tr round next tr)

You will dc how many times the pattern instructions says to do for the into next chain space. I think it’s telling you to dc in next dc after you complete the cluster.

Example conversion from English to American: 3 dc in next ch sp then skip next dc and dc in the next dc.

Try this and see how it looks compared to the picture. If it doesn’t look right then don’t skip the dc but dc in next dc after the cluster.

Thank you @Tangles64 for the advice and will try that see what it looks like, another quick question how many chains should I do after the last dc?

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Are you asking about at end of the tow before you turn your work, you would ch 2 and turn? If not, then you will ch 2 then do 2 dc in the same space to make the cluster. Usually you do this in the top ch of the clusters on the row you just finished.

Example;. End of row ch 2 & turn
2 dc in top ch of next cluster, you
May have to do have to do some
dc’s before the first cluster ch 2
Ch 2 in top ch of the cluster the do
2 dc in same chain. Then follow
The instructions for between the
Hope this helps :grinning:

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There are different kinds of crochet such as Tunisian and I think you’d like it. It is a cross-breed of half crochet and half-knitting. It is good for rugs and purses and you can even do cable with it that look knitted. If you need something without give such as a purse or rug or placemat, it is useful.

I have a set of interchangeable knitting needles by Knitter’s Pride and they also sell Tunisian hooks which are interchangeable. But they come not like knitting needles so I bought two kits as there are ways of doing Tunisian in the round and it makes a very handsome stich (and it works up fast) and would require a double ended hook. If you are a Continental knitter, you’d master Tunisian it in a day. It is what made me want to switch from English American to using Continental knitting almost all the time.

Except knitting backwards, still easier for me in English Flicking. (But I am not such a geek anymore with my left hand now.)

I have a couple of those hooks that work nicely for picking up stitches when I need to for knitting. If I ever decide to try crohooking I expect I’ll buy a pair of each size I want and use a short cable. I learned Tunisian but don’t do a whole lot with it, I find that for some reason it tends to tire my hands and make them hurt. My granddaughter has a one of a kind, never to be duplicated Tunisian crochet bag I made up as I went along. No pattern, just looking at it and putting the colors where I wanted them. It used up some odds and ends of yarn I had around. It was fun but I was glad when it was done.
Fish bag for Belle frontFish bag for Belle back

What a clever, fun bag, GG! It’s very well done.

It is clear you love knitting and for sure, it uses a different grip. When my hands were hurting me, I could neither knit or crochet, it took some thinking on avoiding things I ate which made my fingers sore for me to pick up knitting needles.

I like some crochet from time to time and use crochet in sometimes assembling parts of knitted patterns.

Thanks. I think I was bored. I didn’t get photos when I first finished it, by the time that was taken it was pretty pet hairy and had already seen lots of use. What more could one ask?

I mostly knit anymore, crocheted first and had just about given it up because it made my hands and wrists hurt. My grandson wanted me to make him a sweater and had chosen the yarn he wanted but it wasn’t working out in crochet. I had to learn to knit. I could do knits and purls but that was about all. Found this place, got help, jumped in over my head and made his hooded cardigan with pockets and of course buttons and buttonholes. The things we do for love. I’m back to crocheting more again since I bought some Boye ergonomic hooks. They look a lot like some of the expensive ones but are comparatively cheap. Now if I could just find the G hook…I bet it’s in a knitting WIP somewhere. In fact I think I’ve managed to misplace two G hooks. lol

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