New to crochet, and a question

OK…my nephews have been here for a week, so my knitting hath suffered. Rather than pull out 5 dpns, I pulled out one hook, and putzed around, and learned a chain and single crochet.

Now, my question would be…

Ive been pondering the idea since I started knitting about a blanket for DH.

Would a blanket crocheted with just single crochet be a good item? I messed around last night for about 2 hours and got about 4-5 rows of single crochet done, and it looked like it could be a good blanket. (and so much faster than the pattern I was attempting to knit…:roflhard: )


Single crochet is slooooowwww, especially on a blanket. It may also be too firm unless you’re using a really large hook. Learn double crochet, it’s not that hard, only a couple extra motions.

Yes, as I am doing one now, and if you know how to cross stitch you can add a pic to it…mine is 110 stitches by 158 rows…then an edging… I am doing anglecake in the strawberry cake book…pic is posted here if you want to see what I am talking about…

hope this helps…

:hug: Thanks!

I was looking around the book I used, and realized…:doh: dc isnt THAT much different than sc.

Im gonna browse around for a few patterns using both.

There are videos here that will show you how to do the DC.

I enjoy a mindless project so a crochet blanket is right up my alley!

Yet again, I suggest a ripple afghan… You can make em super colorful or leave em one color. And its easy!

Here is a great pattern for it.

And here is a wonderful group blog to share your ripple progress if interested.

I love doing ripples :slight_smile:

single crochet will probably make a nice dense blanket, but it certainly is possible to do. Crocheted afghans are nice and there are about a million patterns for them out there. To get an idea, here’s some from Herrschner’s catalog (they usually sell as kits, but this gives you an idea of what’s out there)

Here are some freebie online patterns for quick afghans:


A single crochet is going to give you a really heavy blanket/afghan, especially is you are using something like an acrylic wosted weight yarn. I would definitely go with a double crochet if you are doing all one stitch.

For me doing a blanket in all one stitch might get to be kinda boring after a while. With the single and double crochet you now know how to do, you could do hundreds of easy afghans patterns! One you establish the pattern, after a few rows the pattern reveal itself and you won’t even have to refer to the pattern anymore! I promise! While you are moving along the row it will become very apparent where you should put the next stitch!

My very first project, after I taught myself to crochet from a book over 20 years ago, was a beautiful striped afghan with a double crochet fan design. I think there were like 4 stitches to the repeat, and I was on my way!

We can help! Just let us know when you have a question!


I agree with the double crochet stitch. [COLOR=red]Here[/COLOR] is a link to a gazillion afghan patterns if you like to [I]“window shop” [/I]in one place. Good luck and have fun!