New to circular needles, help!


I’m so confused using circular needles, I’ve been doing fine working in stocking stich making a hot water bottle cover until somehow Ive twisted my work so the working yarn is on the wrong side (left) so when I knit it is on the wrong side.

I know this is really difficult to describe in words but if anyone could help me I would really appreciate it!!

Thanks so much for your help!!

You want to be knitting with the tips of the needles nearest to you and the loop of the circulars away from you so that you’re knitting around the outside of the tube. It may be that you picked up your knitting and inadvertantly turned and started back in the wrong direction. If so, you’ll see a small hole where you made the error and you can undo the stitches one by one to that point.

Also, if you were knitting, you will see purled stitches now - and vice verse.

actually, i did something the other day that might be what you are describing. i put my work away, and when i took it out again, the yarn was on the wrong side. then i realized my work turned inside out (i was ribbing) - the work fell through the middle like an inside out shirt sleeve.