New Taglines on Our KH Names?

Maybe I’m slow but I JUST noticed the new “tags” that go with our names, depending I’m assuming on how much we yap here. Didn’t see anything on initial search… Anyone know the new breakout/what all the new tag names are? I saw, thus far:

1st leg of the journey
Knitting the Flap
Working the Gussett

Was just curious is all. Everyone have a great day!

Looks like it’s based upon post count.

I was wondering (on the sock KAL)

are we working toe up or top down :wink:

Lieke I think it’s top down, because I was a “junior member” and now I’m “ribbing the cuff” so I suppose they start at the top


I was thinking that some people here must be on their 100th gusset by now!

I had to post just to see what I was…

me too

I noticed this morning… very cute!


I just noticed this too!! :slight_smile:

I just thought a bunch of you were in some KAL that I hadn’t seen. :teehee:

Hmmm… where am I?

Ok now I need sock terminology explained to me. I am guessing the flap I am knitting is the heel but what on earth is a gusset?

Melissa - I think the gusset is the part across the top of your foot at the instep??? Someone correct me if that is wrong!

Its the part of the sock that goes on your foot. Ok, I know that sounds vague but I mean after the heel and before the toes. Does that even make sense?:?? I hope so.

I had heard the term in sewing but as usual it means nothing to me as I make up my sewing. Probably why following a pattern while knitting has me so flummoxed.

I think it’s cute, what a lovely idea. :teehee:

[B][COLOR=teal]The gusset is the part where the sock starts out wider at the heel, and decreases down toward the toes…that little wedge.[/COLOR][/B]
[B][COLOR=#008080]I think ‘instepping out’ is the cutest designation yet…maybe I’ll have to post nonsense little things all week just to get my name changed ! :roflhard:[/COLOR][/B]

hmmm. what am I?

Amy and the mods have been brainstorming these “member rank” titles for quite a while now. We all wanted something fun, but something neutral that didn’t discriminate or cause any elitism. The sock making ranks were the result of that brainstorming, and we’re thrilled it’s getting great comments.

The ranks increase depending on your number of posts, but do not imply anything significant about your participation. [B]It’s strictly FOR FUN![/B] :cheering:

For your information, these are the ranks in order:

Casting On
Ribbing the Cuff
1st Leg of the Journey
Knitting the Flap
Turning the Heel
Working the Gusset
Instepping Out
Grafting the Toe
2nd Sock, I Rock
Sock Yarn Bliss

We do hope you find them enjoyable! I don’t know the actual number of posts to move to the next level though… maybe Amy will chime in on that. :slight_smile: