NEW SWEATER Q., it's a doosey

Hi, okay, my first sweater. I tried making different one a while ago, but that didn’t turn out too well and I thought this one would be easier and faster.

I’m making the one called Tilted Duster in the Fall Interweave Knits magazine (pg 88). I’ve done the 4" in St st and now I’m supposed to start the decreasing for the armholes.

My question is this: When I do the first row decrease do I purl the next row and not decrease on that row? Or do I do the decrease on all rows??

Did that make any sense?? In other words do I just do the decreases on the knit side?? I only ask because the last sweater I tried had a bit of info left out of the instructions cause they assumed I knew what to do, and I sure don’t.

TIA for any help.

You can usually work it out if they mean knit side or both sides by the count they give you at the end of that section.

For example, if you start with 100 sts and it tells you to decrease a stitch on each end 5 times, that means you are left with 90 sts because you have decreased a total of 10 sts.
Therefore, you have only decreased on the knit side.

Hope that made sense. :thumbsup:

I understand what you mean, but it didn’t really answer my question in regards to the St st.

But thanks for trying.

It depends on how the pattern is worded. Can you post the row(s) that have you confused? Not all of us have the pattern.


Okay, I figured out the decreasing part and I’ve shaped the armholes, marked the center of the remaining sts. It says to mark center 18sts. I did that.

Then it is on to shape shoulders and neck: On next RS row BO 3 sts, knit to m, join new yarn and BO center 18 sts, knit to end.

My question is why do I have to join a new yarn?? And which yarn do use to knit to the end of that row?? The new yarn or the original? Can’t I just use the yarn I’m working with in the first place?? What’s going to happen to that yarn?? Do I cut it if I’m done with it?? I’ve tried reading through the rest of the pattern to find out if I need to use the original yarn it’s telling me to drop, but I don’t find it anywhere.


Here’s the rest of the pattern for the Back part of the sweater:

After I’m supposed to knit to the end of that first row that I’m confused about here’s what’s next.

On next WS row, BO 3 sts at beg of first group of sts, purl to end of first group, purl across second group–18 sts each side. At each neck edge, BO 5 sts 2 times, and [I]at the same time, [/I]BO 4 sts at each shoulder edge 2 times–no sts remain.

Joining yarn means you’ll work both shoulders at the same time. One skein on one shoulder, the second skein on the other. The middle sts, which you’re not working at this point, are the back neck. You could opt to work each shoulder separately but by doing them at the same time you better ensure balanced shaping.

BTW, you’d not use your orig yarn on the second shoulder as they’d then be connected and you obviously need them to be two separate entities.

Skein A … Back Neck … Skein B
Left shoulder…Right shoulder


I know I’m probably being overly dramatic at the moment, but I’ve been kicking a$$ with this sweater this past week (patting myself on the back) and it’s just thrown me quite the curve ball, and I’m not happy. :tap:

If you have the Interweave Knits fall magazine, turn to page 90 and you’ll see my dilemma. Okay, I’m starting the “skirt” part of this sweater. It’s telling me to pick up 48 sts from the left front part of the sweater.

Well, there’s a slight problem here, I only had to CO [B]45. [/B]How in heaven’s name am I supposed to pick up 48 sts out of only 45 that are there? Then it says to pick up 90 sts from the back part of the sweater, well I only had to CO 86 sts. ?? :shrug: :wall: :??

Then I’m supposed to pick up another 48 sts from only 45 sts originally CO. :think: :shrug: :zombie: :wall: :wall: :wall:

AND then between the first 48 and the middle 90 they want 2 extra sts picked up too! On both sides of this sweater. For a total of 190 sts.

I am going nuts trying to find all these extra sts that aren’t there!!! Am I crazy?? Or are they doing this to me on purpose and having a great laugh??

Help me[SIZE=1]eeeeee :pray: I’m off to my padded room now. :passedout:[/SIZE]

If you can’t manage to pick up as many as they say, maybe you could just slip in a few increases on the next row.

Oh Ingrid, you’re always thinkin’ aren’t you?? :notworthy:

In my crazed state of mind that did not once enter it as a possibility. That’s what insanity will do to a person. :zombie:

Is there a better place to increase a st?? In the middle or at the end/beginning?? Something that will hide them, if that’s possible.

I have since stepped away from my knitting as it turned me into a crazy person for about a half hour. I think I was knitting wayyyyy too much today. I’m just so excited that I’m so close to finishing my first sweater!!

Thank you for the suggestion.