New sweater for my daughter

I found this pattern in a book called Knit on Down. I found it at JoAnns and bought it because they were having a sale and it had a few patterns in my daughters size. So this had top down construction. The sizing was off though and I had to do some adjusting…my gauge was perfect.

Book here:

The yarn is Valley Yarns Superwash from Webs. Color periwinkle.

More pics here:

Very pretty sweater. Your daughter looks quite lovely in it :slight_smile:

It fits her perfectly! Great job on it!

Wel done n its fits her very wel… the color is also very nice n cool…thnks for sharing

So very nice! Great color on your little princess! Love the sweater and the photo, too!

Very pretty…pattern and color with a great fit for your dtr!

It is so pretty; you are so lucky your daughter will wear things you knit. My kids never wanted to wear anything I knit except maybe a scarf here and there.

Very Pretty. Both your daughter and the sweater. Love the color.

Nicely done. She looks great in it.

Beautiful!!! Both the sweater and your daughter! Love the final result!

Very very nice indeed.

Very pretty! What a terrific color on your lovely daughter! :slight_smile: