New stitch HOOK MARKER for LEFT needle - volunteers needed

I saw how keen some of you were to try out the new nit pick needles and I wondered if you could help me out, please, with a brand new and different type of stitch marker I’ve developed here in the UK.

It’s a hook for the left-hand knitting needle, which I made after tearing out my hair trying to work a lace pattern. I kept losing my place if I was interrupted and ended up making a mess of a whole row. (It’s great fun frogging lace work, isn’t it?) I wanted something that would mark the pattern changes FIRST, - BEFORE I KNITTED THEM.

I need six knitters please- ideally newbies, intermediate and experienced to try out the new hook and let me know how they get on with it. If you’d like to be a ‘volunteer’ please contact me, telling me if you’re a newbie, intermediate, etc. (I’ll post the names of these brave souls next Monday).

I’ll send out free sets of hooks to the six ‘guinea pigs’ plus, as a way of thanks to this site, give a 10% discount to ALL KH knitters who would like a set of hooks. (Just send me an e-mail with KH on it, please)

For more info. please contact me - email:

Thank you all.



These look interesting :slight_smile: I’ve been struggling with my split ring markers on Bombshell - these look like they would be better for that!

What a clever idea! I’d be happy to be a guinea pig! I’d say my skill level is “intermediate.”

Oh, Oh, I wanna be a guinea pig. I’m about to start this Vermont Fiber project…

[How do I join?
Deeknit]( Fir Cone sweater[url)

shoot, let me try that again.

Fir Cone Sweater

I’d love to guinea pig for you too! After my exams, next week, I have a few more lacy projects that I’d like to try my hands on and anything that helps in keeping track of the stitches, repeats and rows will be more than welcome! :thumbsup:

Where do I sign up? :slight_smile:

btw: I think it’s great that you came up with a new way to make knitting easier for you, I hope it’ll be a success!

Always happy to guinea pig!

If there’s any spots left, I’d be happy to be a guinea pig :smiley: .

How neat! I would love to be a G.P., too!! Do we email you about it? :slight_smile:

[color=blue]Hi! I sent you a PM. Hope I am in the running :cheering:

sebago, ME [/color]

I know there are more than six posts here, but if you’re still looking for guinea pigs, I’d love to help out - I have the exact same problem as you when working patterns, not just lace!!

My skill level would be beginner (started in Nov.)

I’m a beginner, definitely, and I’m still not exactly sure how it’d work, but I’d be willing to try. I’ll PM you.

I forgot to mention my skill level. I honestly don’t know how to classify myself - I’ve only been knitting since Feb., but have tried all types of patterns from very easy to very difficult. I don’t let anything (except for sweaters) phase me and just trust in the pattern. :slight_smile: