New Steamer!

Finally broke down and bought a steamer to help block all the things I’ve been knitting lately… the thought of blocking the hemlock ring blanket is what finally pushed me over the edge ;o)

So here it is, with a Nicholas scarf that needed to be reblocked because I wanted it to be much much much wider than it came out!


Sweet! What kind is it?

It’s a Rowenta Pro Compact :oD It worked SOOO wonderfully on that scarf (which had been wet blocked before, but regressed back to it’s originale shape after a month of wear). I’m super happy with the heat up time, amount of water it holds, how portable/light it is. My partner and I overthink EVERY decision and read reviews for days before any purchase, and I’m very thankful we did exactly that this time :o)

As you can see the result was awesome, and only took about an hour to dry!!! (I’ll be letting my lacework dry longer, but I wanted to get a feel for what it was going to do :o)

Oh that is a marvelous thing, Evan! I would love it for blankets and such…and things that are just too darn big for the blocking table!

Good for you!

I love mine. Don’t use it much but when I do it’s great.