New stash

Look at the goodies I got in the mail today from Kemp’s store! I really didn’t need more sock yarn, but I just couldn’t resist. I love the hand dyed yarn especially! Kemp’s store is great and her service is absolutely amazing!

Pretty! I love the blues and yellows in that larger skein! Lucky you!

:inlove: :inlove:
MUST RESIST!!! :wink:

:smiley: I got goodies from Kemp’s store today, too :thumbsup:
Opal yarn, note cards & stretchy needles (these are way cool).

Ooh review of the stretchy needles please! I am thinking of ordering those but wondered how easy they are to use!

Those needles look so cool. Who am I kidding, the whole loot looks cool! Must…not…click…on…link…above…

PRETTY!!! :inlove:

Very nice, can I come browse your stash? I think I could really like it! :slight_smile:


Very nice yarn Rebecca. :wink: Let us know how you like the stretchy needles. I was tempted to get that, but I bought the hand dyed yarn instead. I’m sure I will be visiting Kemp’s store again, but I really must use some of my sock yarn stash first. :XX:

I’ve been looking at the stretchy needles too, but I wanted to know what some other people think of them first.

I’ve not yet knit with the stretchy needles, Kemp has. I did play around with them a bit yesterday & I think that they will be fun with socks :thumbsup:

The Diva yarn is amazing! I just LOVE those colors!

I ordered a skein of the blue and yellow sock yarn and one of the stretchy needles. I go in stages with sock knitting. I’m getting ready to start a 2 at once toe up on 2 circulars pattern (if I can get the cast on for it - it’s one of the free patterns on knitpicks and it looked like it should be easy enough). I spent 3 hours last night untangling a skein of sock yarn that the dog got a hold of - it was already in a center pull ball, but the guts came out and got all tangled. What a mess!

Yarn barf!!! Yuck. :wink: samm