New spinner needs some advice

This is my first post:). I’ve been getting so much info here and everyone is so friendly! :woohoo:

I’ve never tried spinning before and I’d really like to. Can anyone recommend a drop spindle that you like and where is a good place to buy it from?

Also how many yards of worsted yarn can you get out of an ounce?

Is there anything else I should get besides a spindle and roving?

Thanks for any help you can give me!:slight_smile:

i just ordered my first spindle and roving yesterday, so i’m no expert, but i think those two things are the basic things we’ll need to get our feet wet.

What spindle did you get and how much did it cost? How much roving did you get? Let me know if you tried it yet!:blooby:

I just went to my lys yesterday and for 16.50 I got a schacht hi-lo spindle (the pic on the top right) that has a 3" whorl which makes it 2.2oz. Didn’t know anything about it but turns out there are high whorl and low whorl spindles and this is 2 in 1! I was pleased. Then I found thiswebsite about making yarn with a drop spindle, this shows you how do get started. I’m still looking for more info. I also bought 2 oz of fiber yesterday; againd didn’t know what I was doing so I just asked them what kind they reccomended for a beginner who’d never even held the stuff before. It only cost 4.50 for the 2 oz and I’m sure that will at least get me started, 2 oz is a big ball. So I have yet to get started spinning b/c there is one project I need to finish first. But thanks for starting this thread b/c I was needing some help too. Hey, we can be the 3 newbie spinners! I just found thiswebsite that tells you how to use a high (top) whorl spindle.

Thanks for all the links jberry16! :slight_smile: I think I’ll get that spindle too, so I can try spinning with the whorl on the top and the bottom. I have 1\2 ounce of wool that I was going to use for felting but never did. I’ll probably need more than that to spin though. I want to get my spindle soon!!!:):slight_smile:

just found thisyou tube video and I think it’s very helpful!
here’ssome written instructions with pictures.
this page has spindle weightsand what kinds of fiber to use with them and also on the bottom has spindle weights and yarn size, another very helpful site. I’m just finding these randomly on the web so thought I’d share.

That video was a lot of help ! The written instructions are too! Now I REALLY want to get a spindle!

I was wondering if anyone ever ordered from this website, or went to their store?
they have the spindle that I want to get and spinning fiber. But I want to know if anyone else ordered here.

I live reasonably close to Earthguild. I’ve never ordered from them but my friend ordered a wheel part and it shipped very fast. She was pleased.

At the store it depends on who you get to help you. There is a guy who is a bit aloof. I think he isn’t a spinner/ knitter. There’s a lady who can come off as a bit distracted, but she is nice and just leaves people alone unless they ask for help. She doesn’t want to feel as if she’s crowding anyone or pressuring them.

The store is a hodgepodge of crafts so you find a bit of everything there. I have bought some sock yarn and fiber from the store. When SAFF comes around, they have some nice silk.

Stringcat - if you live near Earthguild, you’ve got to go to SAFF. Tons of spinny knitty goodies there. Let me know if you’ll go. Maybe I can find you and say hello. Love to meet new spinny/ knitty people!

I dont live anywhere near earthguild.:pout:
I live in NH and I found it on the internet and saw that they had tons of craft stuff!
Maybe I will order.:slight_smile:

found another link, how to spinwith a bottom whorl

you should call your lys and see if they have any spindles then you can have it NOW!!!

I’m going to order from earth guild, I can get my spindle, wool and the dye that I want from there! I hope it coes fast when I order!:slight_smile:

I just found some drop spindle instructions here.