New Spindlicity is up!

[color=green]a copy of the email I got says it better than I can:[/color]

Hello Spinners!

Our fall issue of Spindlicity is now live, in spite of last minute
server problems, we prevailed and got our issue out, we hope you enjoy it.

This issue launches a new section of beginner articles. Our first in
this series is “Anatomy of a Spindle”. We also have a new contest
announced, our Spunky Top hat contest. We will award prizes in the
Winter issue. At stake are 3 great spindle prizes! And check out the
spindling trick Connie Delaney is teaching us! We also have
interviews with two great spindle makers…

Special Announcement for mailing list subscribers: This issue we will
also inaugurate our new “easter egg” hunt! At some date in the next
few weeks we will be adding a small “easter egg” to Spindlicity. It
will be some kind of small picture or other feature that wasn’t there
before and it will link to a surprise article! The first person to
find it and email me will win a prize. There will be 2 "easter eggs"
in the fall issue, one in the first month and one in the second month,
so keep your eyes open.

Finally, now that summer is winding down and fall is finally here, I
hope you are all enjoying your spinning. Please take a moment to
visit our sponsors, and let them know that Spindlicity sent you!

Happy autumn everyone!

– Janel
editor, Spindlicity

Neat, thanks! :muah:

I really like the scarf pattern, too…I think that a solid color would show off the detail a bit better, I may have to put it on my list…