New Socks for Daughter in Law

Socks for my daughter in law. These seemed doomed from the start and had to be frogged a number of times but I finally finished them last night. Can you tell her favorite color is purple?

:cheering: :cheering: I love them…she will, too :thumbsup:

Those are beautiful!! :inlove: I wish I was your daughter in law!

Hooray! Those are lovely! Great Job.

Very nice! Love the stripes.

They’re great. What a lucky DIL!

Verrrry purrrty! :thumbsup:

Those are so pretty! Did you use self striping yarn?

Gorgeous socks! The stripes are so perfect, I was wondering if it was self-striping yarn also :??

Thanks for all the nice compliments. They are self striping. Its called Fixation and is made by Cascade. It’s cotton and has the elastic already in it. :smiley:

Great colors! Love 'em!

Soooo pretty - what yarn did you use to get those stripes?

Very nice! I frogged my first pair more times than I care to admit! I’m sure she’ll love them!


Oooh, I love them! Nicely done, Jeremy! :thumbsup:

Thanks. Its Fixation by Cascade. Its cotton and has the elastic already in it. :smiley:

Nice job, Jeremy!! :inlove: I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about Fixation, I’ll have to try it sometime!!

How is it to knit with elastic-y yarn? I’m afraid of stretching it too much as I knit.

It took some getting used to. It was kind of like knitting with rubber bands but I got used to it fairly quickly. I really enjoyed the texture and colors as I knit them.

I thought they might be the stretchy socks! Very well done!