New sock yarn

Anybody tried this yarn yet?Let me know if it is itchy.LOVE the colors!!!:woohoo:

oh i heard this was coming out! i have not tried it yet though, i am curious whether or not it was itchy also.

and my sock yarn addiction continues to grow…

my friend is using it right now. I’ll have to ask her what she thinks

that’s gorgeous. I may have to buy myself a Christmas present!!

oh drooooool… although I’m not sure I can imagine spending $20 on one pair of socks… :slight_smile:

:roflhard: And here I was thinking, “Wow, it’s only $18.95 a skein and enough to make both socks!” I’ve paid more than that for sock yarn!

I’m suffering from sticker shock. I haven’t purchased yarn for almost 30 years. This year is the first time for new yarn and I bought Caron SS on sale. I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around $20 socks and the mind boggles at what sweaters could cost. I think I’m going to frog some old sweaters and reknit them.

Ohhh I love shade 188 x

Truly a beautiful yarn!

?? Yarnzilla seems to be the only site that is saying that this yarn is Machine Wash – all the other sites I’ve looked at say that Noro Kureyon Sock is Hand Wash ?? What gives?! I hope it’s Machine Wash!

It is a wool nylon blend so in my book that means machine washable. I still drip dry all my socks rather than dryer.

For those of you with Ravelry accounts I found this page with Kyreyon projects. Oh it knits up so lusciously!! :inlove:

:teehee: I was going to say "Wow that is pretty reasonable for Noro + Sock yarn :teehee:

It does knit up quite nicely from those links posted, I love knitting socks and am always looking for something new! I might have to try some:mrgreen:

Most sock yarn starts around that price, but really a lot of the indie yarn runs about $25 or so. I was thinking it was pretty reasonable. I have some on the way from the Loopy Ewe (color 102) that cost $18.50. Their site shows how each color looks knit up too.

:inlove: me too! :heart: it’s my favorite Noro colorway! :cheering:

I love the colors but all my socks go in the dryer so it’s probably something I will not be buying. Just beautiful though.