New sock yarn from knitpicks

Hey everybody, I was just over at KnittersReview (ya’ll all know that I am a biforumual) and KnitPicks has an ad that is just going up for this new sock line that is called ‘Mystique.’ The yarn is not yet on the KP site, I suppose they are doing that now, but from what I could tell from the add…beautiful colors!! Oh yeah, 100% merino. :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: I’m so EXCITED. Except that I just ordered 28 balls of sock yarn (some from each line of their sock yarn, except ‘color your own’ of which I have & was out of stock) from them a few days ago and I can’t afford to buy this new yarn now, today. :rollseyes: Obviously, I’m not going to knit 14 pairs of socks (plus the yarn I have for socks here) before I get a chance to buy this other yarn…I just really :heart: sock yarn.
Wanted ya’ll to know it’s coming out…24 fantastic new colors :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

Last time they were about to release new yarns, there was some “backdoor” kind of way to take a look at it…I cant find it now! :frowning:

okay, on the site; there are 2 additional sock yarns: Essential: 75% superwash wool 25% nylon and these are solid colors… :cheering: :cheering: about time, it’s hard to find solid colors; next: Parade: same make-up & these are stripes; which, of course, coordinate with the solids :cheering: :cheering:
Mix & match heels & toes, etc…but…I am wanting to do the mix & match solids in one sock; u know toe blue; foot; green; heel; orange; leg; purple (colors are just used as ex., I don’t remember the colors) and then do the opposite sock in the same colors; but in different areas of the socks!!

Okay, I know that they are working on the site…BUT; at the WOTA window there is a skein of yarn in a newly designed wrapper that is [color=blue]light [/color][color=blue]blue[/color] and it looks like is reads WOTA; wouldn’t that be heavenly…[color=indigo]new[/color] [color=red]colors [/color]for[color=red] W[/color][color=orange]O[/color][color=green]T[/color][color=indigo]A[/color]?!

Ok…what is WOTA?? I see that everywhere…


Admitted newbie :slight_smile:

it is Wool of the Andes from It appears to be a wonderful yarn and it is reeeeeeeeally cheap!! Good cheap yarn is a goooood thing!! :happydance:

Oh thanks for filling me in…

Is that a good one for the Booga Bag?

Steph, it felts really well…KK used it for her huge-a-bag…