New sock knitter needs help!

I am knitting the Lacy Mock Cable socks. I am currently working on the gusset decreases. The pattern says to decrease down to 58 sts. When I get to that point, I’ll have just two sts on the side needles, 35 sts working the lacy pattern and 19 sts on the bottom. I understand that I need to work even until its 7 inches (for my foot). The toe decreases have me confused though.

I won’t have enough sts on the side needles to work the decreases as written. Am I supposed to slip sts from the top and bottom so that they are somewhat even and then work the toe decreases?

I’m really bad at ripping out and getting it back on the needles properly so I hope I’m not really wrong!



yes, you will need to redistribute the stitches around.

"Toe Shaping:

Round 1: Knit to 3 sts before first marker, k2tog, k1, slip marker, k1, ssk, knit to 3 sts before second marker, k2tog, k1, slip marker, k1, ssk, knit to end of round.

Round 2: Knit

Repeat these rounds until 22 stitches remain."

i checked the instructions: it looks like you have markers placed, yes? just redistribute your stitches and keep your markers. trust the instructions. they will get you there.

have you tried grafting/kitchener stitch before? if not, there is a great video here, and silver’s sock tutorial does a great job with still photos. let us know if you need help with it. keep going! you’re doing great!

Also, when you knit the next sock in this set, try distributing the stitches on three needles instead of four after you turn the heel. All socks that I have ever knitted have distributed the stitches on three needles.

The first needle will have 29 stitches–the second nine from the heel you just turned (the first nine stitches from the heel are knitted up by the third needle) as well as the 19+1 you pick up

The second needle will be the 28 pattern stitches from the instep

The third needle will be 28 stitches–the 19 you pick up along the sides and nine stitches which make up the first half of the heel.

Maybe if your stitches are organized like that you won’t end up with so few stitches on each needle. Hopefully.

Good luck!

Yep, I’ve got markers in place. Thanks so much for your reassurance!

I knit my first pair of socks with Silver’s tutorial so I’ve done Kitchener before. This lacy mock cable is the first pair I’ve done with just a pattern.

Thanks again!:cheering:

you are very welcome. it’s hard to let yourself go and TRUST the pattern, but it’s a wonderful feeling when it comes together.