New SnB book

Has anyone else seen the new SnB book? Son of SnB?

I just bought it today from Borders. Even though it’s technically patterns for men, there are at least 4 things I want to make, and a few sweater patterns I might try to modify a bit.

The cover was what caught me. There’s an argyle double knit scarf!

I haven’t seen it… that scarf has my interest up though…

:thumbsup: Thanks for letting us know

Yes! I have seen it. I took a glance through it and thought it looked very nice, but my DBF isn’t too into fancy knitted wear (too bad for me) and a lot of the patterns are sort of trendy. Very cute book for someone who knits for a fashionable man (rather than a jeans and a t-shirt football guy).

Yup. saw it. Eh… And there is a podcast of Debbie Stoller talking about it on Vicki Howells blog.

The only thing that appealed to me when I looked through it was the argyle scarf. Honestly I thought quite a few of the designs were kind of corny…the Ernie sweater?? :??

Debbie Stoller was in my town doing a book signing for Son of Stitch N’ Bitch and brought some of the FOs. They were really cool to see in person. I don’t have too many men to knit for either, but wished I did! Some projects could definitely been worked over too, adjusted, and you know just changing the color would just make such a huge difference. And who says that women wouldn’t want gloves with an extra tough patch to twist off beer caps!?!

I thumbed through it in Barnes and Noble a couple of weeks ago, but there wasn’t anything in there my DH or my son would wear because they looked too trendy for either of their tastes.