New size 2 sweater complete

My grandson is modeling the jacket I made for his twin sister…
The multi colored yarn is Muench brand called Tessin, color white/P. Made in Germany.
The blue and green of sleeves, pockets and button band and white of the back and lower front are all Lion Brand Chunky. The pattern is from Kids- a knitters dozen, a production of xrx books. The buttons are from Hancock’s Fabrics in Vacaville. They are hand painted and the brand is La Mode, 1". It took a little short of two weeks to make and would have been quicker if I hadn’t run into a problem figuring out how to attach the hood. Thanks to Paula at the Yarn shop in Vacaville who could see spatial relations better than I could it got done and on correctly. I wound up knitting the hood twice!

Well, where is it?? :lol:

It took me some trials to remember how to resize the photos to fit here. I wrote it down for next time!!! Now if I just don’t lose the piece of paper I wrote it on! :happydance:

My grandbabies are 19 months old now and I knit in size 2 for them. Sleeves need rolling up but otherwise fit okay with room to grow. :XX: :inlove:

The jacket looks wonderful!!! :cheering:

:cheering: :inlove: I love it!

That is sooo cute!! :thumbsup:

Those are fantastic sweaters! :inlove: Adorable baby!

…and Jan, that is ONE sweater and TWO babies. They are fraternal twins/boy/girl…

Here’s my first Sweater I knit him…and a hat I crocheted. :inlove:

And back of the the CAR Sweater I just finished two weeks ago…This one using Lion Brand magic stripe yarn.

IT’s called the car sweater because it has VW car buttons and extra dump trucks on pockets and a cement mixer and a tow truck on the fronts. He loves it. He pulls a car forward and says “beep, beep.” and I love HIM of course! So fun to knit for my grandbabies… :inlove: :inlove:

This is cheating here as this sweater is crocheted, but wanted to show off my grand daughter too. Hey, we have a PET page…

This is crocheted using a tiny hook and double crochet stitches…and Baby Soft coral yarn. Trimmed in a ribbon yarn of multicolors.

Wow! They are all adorable. The sweaters are really nice too! :smiley:

I love the car sweater!


The sweaters are gorgeous – I especially love the hooded one! And, you grandchildren are adorable!

There’s a whole lotta cute in this thread!

Love your knitting as well. The car sweater is so cute, I love the buttons and extra embellishments. I bet the lucky owner loves it as well…what a great personalized touch.

very nice!

I love it! Such nice work for such sweet little ones.

Thanks again for all your kudos. I appreciate hearing them. Tonight I finished a cap to go with the car sweater. It’s with leftover yarn from the Magic Stripe and done in double stran garter stitches. I ran out about two inches from the top so added a good blending blue of left over worsted yarn. So the tip top is solid blue…Then I added four little red and yellow airplanes to the top/sky…and yellow, red, blue and grey cars and trains around the middle of the hat! Very cute for a 19 month old boy! He loves wheels…and will love this hat! I’ll get a photo of him in it when I see him on Friday and post it later. :heart: Happy Knitting Grandma.

My next project is a baby gift of knit six sided blocks that cover sponge/foam squares. Good way for me to practice knitting stitches as the squares are just 3 1/4" each. Not sure how many I’ll make. Am using left over yarn of which I have a ton. Lots of different textures, colors, etc.
Someone also suggested I put a bell or rattle inside the foam squares. Might do that.

Good night. :XX:

Sounds really cute! Be sure to post pics when you finish them!