New scarf- out of last week's big yarn purchase

It was so easy! It’s[U] Airy Scarf[/U] from the book: Last Minute Knitted Gifts (a very handy book and I refer to it more than any book that I have in my collection).
Yarn: Italian mohair w/ silver flecks.

Ok, I don’t know how I did that-- but, I have duplicate photos and my post is huge??? HELP!! :aww:

Very pretty, such rich colors. You get some great buys at that yarn market. Saw your picture of the leg warmers. I had heard that they are coming back into style.

Pretty scary to think that ‘leg warmers’ are back in style. :wink:

Of course… maybe those that wear them- might not realize that they’d been a hot fashion style once before? :D:roflhard:

That turned out great - good job! I knew we’d be seeing something wonderful from that big purchase soon!!! :muah:

:thumbsup: it looks great!!

If you go into edit, then go advanced, you should be able to manage your attachments and delete the extra photo…if that doesn’t work lmk and I can try and do it for you or another mod can…:thumbsup:

Wow! You got right to work!

very nice! Pretty yarn…

Pretty! I just love the colors in the yarn!

Thank you for all your nice comments.
I almost want to keep it for myself-- but, the yarn was purchased w/ the intention of knitting it as ‘gift lace scarves’… so, I wouldn’t be overwhelmed (with deadlines) and could just knit one here and there.

Great looking scarf!

:muah:It’s GORGEOUS!! I love the yarn, so squeezable looking! And beautiful colors!!

I have the book as well, and it’s one of my all-time favs too! I’ve made 5 or 6 sets of hand~warmers, two or three of the scarves, as well as the baby sweater and the pants (well actually my Mom made the pants form this book).

Love the colours , Nice scarf :slight_smile:

I find that this book and ONE SKEIN are my ‘go to’ books when I want to knit a gift for someone… I can usually find something that I want to make out of either book- but, I’ve surely used them more often than other books in my collection. :knitting: :thumbsup:

Now, I have to figure out what to do next? Start something new? OR finish something that has been waiting for a long time?

What a great color choice! Looks warm and fluffy :heart:

It’s SO beautiful! I just love red, and the other colors just seem to highlight the richness of the main color more.

Speaking of which, Iwouldratherbeknitting, did you get my PM asking for directions to the yarn area of Dongdaemun? You can’t keep all the good deals for youself! :wink:


I’ve been making leg warmers for the little girls in my playgroup (aged 3-4) and they all love them!! I was blown away at how many people commented about them on my blog - I mean really - LEG WARMERS???

Your scarf is gorgeous - love the rich, vibrant colors.

GORGEOUS!!! I can see why you had to have that yarn!!