New scarf for ME!

More information and photos of the scarf is on my blog.

:woot: Looks Great!!

:aww: Why thank you… I’ve already been wearing it this week! Goes well w/ my black coat!

It looks good :slight_smile: I love varigated yarn and those colors are nice

Looks great!

I love how chunky it is!

Love it !!! :slight_smile:

Lovely…looks really soft and warm!

That’s a lovely scarf, you probably want someone to send it to as a gift, right?:wink: :teehee: :slight_smile:

Very pretty! Love the colors.

Good try… Deb… :roflhard:

When, I get the most recent ‘baby gift’ finished ‘for a soon to be born baby’ … knitting is going to be for ME!!! ALL FOR ME!!

Thanks everybody… for the nice compliments.:thumbsup:

:inlove: yumminess!

Looks great!!

Looks soft and warm!

I like the blend of colors. Looks nice! :thumbsup: