New Rules

Attention: All designers &/or book publishers. If you make a mistake in the printing of a pattern, at least be human enough to share it.

Don’t make it where one has to go to the lys, have them call, then download it, then have no one there who will answer questions when it STILL IS WRONG!

I have now made a pact never to buy from a certain publisher/& yarn company due to this. They do not have online corrections. They only allow lys to call, and they do not have help for when it is still wrong!

I have worked on this pattern for 2 days, have had my lys work on it, and 3 knitters who have all knitted from charts for over 20 yrs each!



Thank you… Now I’m going to write to the company, I know it won’t make a dang bit of difference, but I’ll feel better.

*climbs onto an ice float to try to cool off, tempers way up



Here, here! Nicely said! :hug:

I’m sorry. :hug:

I know it seems petty… but when one buys yarn… and the book and then can’t get help… why stay with the company! I rarely buy the same yarn as suggested, but did buy yarn from the same company.

I’ve seen post after posts of corrections. If it was for brain surgery, they would make sure it was correct the first time…

Why are we being treated like this? Why can’t patterns be checked and have web sites on their home pages for when an error is made.

I know what we do isn’t as important as brain surgery… but, they want repeat customers, and believe me, my lys is now seriously considering cutting back on her order of books… if fact she did, and choose another company that does have a help line for customers etc.

OK… I’m cooling off a bit… still frustrated, wanted it to be a cute top for granddaughter… and when someone messes with something for grandkids… they best look out!


This is one of my pet peeves:grrr:Why can’t they make the corrections easy to get or find :wall:

Aww, :hug: Crumb buckets on them then. But you go tell em how you feel. you go girl/bear

I can’t wait until I am good enough to find mistakes in patterns! So far the only mistakes are the ones I am making. :frog:

Sorry about your troubles! :grphug:

if i send you a pm, would you tell me the co. name? i’d like to avoid them. i’m all for boycotting.

That does stink! You should write them. Maybe it will be your letter that makes them change their ways!

I’d like to know too, please! I don’t have much of a yarn stash but I buy knitting patterns, books, and magazines like crazy. It could be years before I get to many of the projects, so I’d really like to know if I should avoid a certain designer.

If you’d like to know the company & the book… send me a pm… I’d be happy to tell you… Oh by the way… I’ve now found 11 more mistakes!

(I’m still trying to figure it out… did I mention it’s for the granddaughter, therefore, I’m a bit more stubborn!:wall:)

Snowbear, I am with you a thousand percent!! It too frustrates me to no end. You pay good money, only to not get what you paid for. Why even bother to put out the instructions? They get their money, you get…! Not fair. I understand mistakes do happen, but the companies should at least be upfront and point knitters to the corrections!

I don’t think this is petty of you at all. I hope your LYS will tell this company that they are cutting back on orders and why. It sounds like that may be the only language this designer/publisher understands.

Best of luck trying to figure it out. :hug:

mistakes in patterns are always a pain in the #ss. If I have a free pattern, I can forgive it, (and try to attend the designer to the fault, we are all human) but a pattern where I’ve paid money for should be mistakeless. Mostly they are testknitted by a couple of people (that’s what I expect when I pay money for something)

I’m really feeling for you :hug:

OK I’m pm’ing 11 mistakes? Thats not a book I want.

I’ve been looking for a crochet pattern to teach a class on hats. Simple, right?:fingerwag: So, so wrong!:evil:

Among others, we bought a pattern from a small design company and a book from Vogue Knitting. None of the patterns were written correctly!:doh: There is no way that a crochet newbie could follow one of those patterns and get anything like a hat!!!

So I’m going to write my own pattern and I’m also going to teach a class in hat design.

If we purchase a pattern, it should be free of errors. Maybe we should start some class action lawsuits!:teehee: (Just kidding!)


To date, 15 mistakes! My lys is sending a letter explaining why she is cutting back on orders, and is sending this to other lys in my area that she knows.

Teach them to mess w/ us knitters!:tap:

Snowbear, i completely agree… i just posted a thread about needing help on the weasley sweater i’m making. i’m more than a tad irritated, was getting excited about gettng the shoulders done tonight so i could start on the sleaves tomorrow.

Grrrr! That’s so irritating! It drives me crazy when companies are snobby about only talking to “certain individuals” (like certain food companies that will only give information about their ingredients to allergists and then only let the allergist tell you if it’s ‘okay’ to eat or not. :grrr:)

Well, when (or rather if i ever get them written up legibly) I put out my own pattern(s?) I’ll be sure to put up all problems on my website (I’m good at admitting when I’ve done something stupid… I get lots of practice) and list an e-mail that goes right to me…

I know these big companies probably have tons and tons of people that would like to come to them with their questions… but isn’t that they what a ‘customer support division’ is for?

Well I for one very impertinently stick my tongue out at them (or at least in their general direction) on your behalf, snowbear!