New puppy!

Well, I’d show you all a picture, but it’s not letting me attatch it! Little guy came home last night. He’s just precious but my older dog is not happy at all. Diesel - my older guy who is 5 - has been growling whenever the pup comes near him. Diesel has never shown overly aggressive behaviour, he likes to be friends with everyone, humans and other dogs of all sizes. I know it’s only been one night, but I don’t want there to be problems between them, I want them to be buddies! Any advice to help them adjust? thanks!

Give them time. Diesel is just establishing who’s boss, I’d imagine.

Give him tons of attention and praise. He should come around.

I’m sure we’d all love to see a picture if you can get one up! Who doesn’t “awww” at a puppy pic?

Thanks Ingrid. I’ve been cruising around the net all morning and found some good articles. I know they need time…I’m such a worrywart! Merry Christmas!

Some dogs really do just need time. My brother and sil got a puppy about a year ago. They promptly brought him over to meet my dog, Bentley. Bentley is the sweetest most gentle dog but was growling at the puppy the first day. By the end of the long weekend they were here the puppy knew this is Bentley’s house and Bentley knew the puppy wasn’t trying to take his place. Both dogs were happy. I agree with Ingrid, Diesel is letting the puppy know he is on his turf. Taking them on walks together is a good bonding activity.

ETA I hit submit too soon! Congrats on the new puppy!!! Can’t wait to see pictures! What is his name?

We think his name is Dozer altho Mojo and Comet are still in the running. Our son gets to decide. :slight_smile:

Congrats on the new pupster! What breed is he?

If you can, keep them in separate rooms for a few days and let them sniff each other through the door. Wrap the puppy up in a blanket or one of your shirts and then let the other dog sniff it so he can get used to the new guy’s smell. He just needs a bit of time.

Here he is and he has officially been named Dozer. He’s a Lab like Diesel

Awww, how precious is that. I wish I had been able to see my lab as a puppy. She showed up in our backyard when she was about 9 months old.

Diesel id doing a little better today. He isn’t being aggressive, just plowing over Dozer for attention!

Awwww! :heart:

:heart: :heart: What a cutie!!

Aww! what a sweet puppy!!! :heart:

Congrats on the new cutie pie ! I’m holding my breath waiting for the hubby to agree to a new puppers (we lost our older dog last month). What we were told about bringing a new dog into the house was to always introduce them and allow them to play outside and off leash if at all possible before going into the house. In the house we were told to use baby gates initially to separate them and let them sniff each other - each time the older dog even looks at the puppers without aggression they get a super yummy treat (this makes him assoc wonderful things with the puppers). Also, when they are together in the house make sure there are no resources for either one to defend - not food, no treats, no toys, no water bowl etc. I was also told to make sure that the dogs are walked together, off property, 2x/day.
We would also leash one of the dogs to a large piece of furniture and then bring the other dog into the room and give them treat toys. If either one growled or got agreesive with the other they lost their treat.
As our older dog got sicker and our younger girl “came of age” they were engaging in alpha battles and we had to knock everyone down a peg. Neither was allowed in our bedroom and neither was allowed on the furniture. It took a few weeks of this to settle things down.
My guess is the older dog is establishing dominance and some dogs just don’t like puppies and smaller dogs. We know our dog is this way so we know that when we get another dog it will have to be a breed that will get bigger than she is…oye hubby is thinking great dane !
Sorry I got so long winded - we went through a lot as alpha in our house shifted and got a lot of advice from the trainer we were taking classes from with our younger dog and have already been talking about what to do when we introduce another dog.

Best of Luck

He’s adorable! Congrats! We went through this over a couple of years ago. We had two Pomeranians who had been best buds for almost 10 years. One got sick very suddenly and we ended up losing him. I had been wanting a puppy for a while before this happened anyway and we thought the one left needed a companion since he’d never been an only dog before. About 2 mos later we brought a puppy home. I’ll tell you I had never seen the older dog show an signs of aggression in 10 years - towards other animals, children or anyone. That changed with the puppy. He couldn’t stand her. It was awful. And it took almost 3 mos for him to accept her. They never got close, but he learned to tolerate her. But we lost her at the young age of 14 mos due to a severe heart murmur. At 12-1/2 we’ve chosen not to put him through adjusting to another companion. He’s learned to be relatively happy as an only dog.

How cute is that! My hubby wasn’t another black lab eventually. He’s “duck” dog died a year ago and he misses him dearly… especially when he’s out in the frigid water trying to retrieve his OWN ducks! :teehee:


thanks everyone for the advice. I forgot how much work puppies are! We did block off the kitchen with a gate so I can keep them separate but able to see each other. they are never left alone in a room together. Diesel still ignores Dozer for the most part unless Dozer is gets too close to him when he has a bone or toy. It’s funny, if Dozer takes a bone that’s on the floor Diesel doesn’t pay any attention, but if Diesel has it and dozer gets close he gets the growl.
Diesel has never shown agression to any dogs, big or small so I think he just feels like this is an invasion of his space. He gets lots of praise when he is tolerant of Dozer and joint walks will begin when dozer has all of his shots. I will have to keep treats handy to reward him…I can’t believe I didn’t think of that!

vaknitter, I am sorry for your loss. Diesel is the first dog I have raised since a pup and when it’s his time I know I will be heartbroken. I don’t know if it is because Dozer is little, our neighbors have a ShiTzu (sp?) and Diesel is fine with him.

Wanda, sorry for your loss too. I am hoping that they will become buddies - people insist that they will - but I can live with tolerance.

Danielle, Labs are the breed for me! I just love them.