New Puppy

Hi all … I haven’t posted in ages … thank you to everyone who sent condolences at the passing of our Bullmastiff Kona on May 26th. She wasn’t two years old and we had to have her put to sleep with congestive heart failure. It was very sudden.

On June 7th we got an Olde Victorian Bulldogge (dogge is pronounced like rogue) … for those who haven’t heard of them they are an offshoot of a Bullmastiff, English Bulldog, American Bulldog and Staffordshire … they bred them to get a larger dog that doesn’t need a C section and to eradicate a lot of the health issues that the stocky EB have … they grow larger, the mom was 75 and the dad 90 lbs. So we got Keeva from a breeder in Denver … they aren’t a recognized AKC/CKC breed, rather have their own organization and show and register among themselves. like the American Bulldog Association … a picture of the new addition. She is 3 months old and weighs 20 lbs which is what Kyro weighed when he came to us at 11 weeks. He’s now 130. These dogs grow very broad but only about up to the knee.


He is adorable!!! Congratulation on the “little” one. I hope his addition eases the pain of the other loss.


Aww he’s so cute! You look very happy too which is lovely. I hope he helps you heal quickly.

What a cutie!!

OMG!~!!! isn’t that the cutest face!!! YES!! :blooby: congrats :hug: a beautiful puppy… don’t we jsut love a big DOG!!:yay: :woohoo:

Toby he is just a doll! With those jowls you just wanna take them and mush them!!

I love that face! He’s adorable.

Aw- such a cutie- pie- congrats!!

Awww, so cute!! I love puppy pics!

So cute! How interesting about the breed - it is neat to find those breeds that do not have standards! I can’t wait to see pictures as he grows.

My heart goes out to you for losing Kona at such a young age! :heart:

Oh he’s adorable!
And I love the pic with Kyro looking at him all “I can lick, please?”

:passedout: Way too cute!