New project

now that i have finished all my charity work
i want to knit new
i gathered up dish cloth patterns
all of them animals
and i am going to knit them in different colors
and then crochet them together
big project and should take me months to finish
has anyone ever done this
and i will use a noro yarn

I think someone mentioned it once, but I’m not sure. It sounds like a great idea!

That will be nice! I’ve got a book that shows flowers done in intarsia fashion on blocks and knitted together. It is pretty. I would love to see your work in progress and the finished piece.

I’ve got a booklet that has garden theme blocks but the patterns are purled into the blocks in all one color. Are you going to do this or will you actually have the animals themselves in their respective colors?

pretty ambitious for me
also gives me a chance to try out new patterns and stitches
thanks for replies