New Project

Just finishing off the Tree of Life Afghan. Can anyone recommend what I can do for my next project? My sister is currently expecting so anything baby related would be good. Also really enjoyed the cabling/patterns doing this blanket. Or, wouldn’t mind trying a pattern using different colours as this is something I’ve never tried either.

Congrats on finishing the Tree of Life afghan. It’s certainly one of my favorites. We’d love to see a photo if you’d like to post one.
I searched Ravelry for a free baby sweater pattern with cables. sweater cables free (you may have to copy and paste to get this entire line into a URL)
There are some interesting blankets too and of course smaller projects like hats and booties, small blankets, and mitts.
You can look for mosaic, intarsia or stranded patterns so that you can play with color too. There’s almost endless variety out there.

Thanks again for the advise. As soon as I’ve finished the border I’ll post a pic :grinning:

Finally finished!

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That’s really pretty!

Oh, that’s stunning! The use of two colors is beautiful here and the colors you’ve chosen are perfect.

Thank you Jan :slight_smile:

Thank you salmonmac. Hopefully the next attempt won’t contain as many mistakes :joy: