new project - help please!

hi, i have started a cardigan for my 18 yr old nephew and have just started working the back but after ribbing i am already stuck. i don’t know what is meant when they say to work diagram A1. There is only a small diagram and am confused what they mean. Any feedback is much appreciated. The link to the cardigan is i started with the back piece and it is the row where one changes to size 4 needle. Thanks very much.

Hi Linda, Had a quick look at the pattern and after the rib decreases on the ws you change needle size and start the cable placements on the rs by working 1 edge st, 8,16, 20…(depending on which size you are making) in chart A4, row 1 in A1 chart over 36 sts (if you are doing a size between S and XL) … and so on. Read each section between commas carefully to see if the direction applies to the size you are making!! If not, ignore that bit and move on to the next. You have cast on x amount of stitches for a particular size so only some of the directions will use up those stitches. Put stitch markers between each section until you are used to the flow of the pattern.
Drops patterns are notorious for their ’ AT THE SAME TIME ’ additions, read the whole section through before beginning and make a note of all these extra instructions, which will save on a heap of frustration ( ask me how I know!! lol)
Good luck with your project, it’s a lovely pattern :smiley:

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from glancing at the diagram you can have 3 panels : 1 back and two fronts. for the two fronts you can and side panel you can seam the side to the back, and seam the at the neck for the shoulders . on paper draw 3 panels , then it be clearer to you

Thank you all very much for your valuable feedback it is much appreciated