New Problem for a returning knitter!

Hi All! This site started my off in knitting about 3 or so years ago. I put down the needles for a bit, but have picked them back up recently!

Well, I’ve made a few swatches and am finding a very irritating problem is cropping up. I’ve tried to search for solutions in old posts and even found mention of it in one of the great videos…

When I turn my work (on either straight or circs) the first stitch ends up being VERY loose. I’ve tried keeping it extra tight, using smaller needle for the first stitch, but it still ends up loose.

One of the videos said to slip the first stitch if they tend to be loose. That helps, but still doesn’t give me the nice even edges that I see in all your wonderful photos!

Any advise would be great!


What I do is knit or purl the first stitch, [I]then[/I] pull the yarn tight and knit the next couple sts a wee bit tighter. Slipping sts doesn’t work for me, though I found that slipping the last stitch and working the first stitch does a bit better.

Hey Suz! Thank you much! I’ll try both on the next few rows and see if one or both will tighten 'em up!

OK, did a few more rows last night and it does look much better. A few things: 1) So, is this a usual thing or only if the edge is looking loose? 2) Essentially this is just wrapping the last sts in the row?

Again, thank you so much for the advice!!:muah:

Slipping the last stitch …? That’s just a variation to slipping the first stitch; one can work better for the way you knit than another one. And you shouldn’t be wrapping the last stitch. Don’t take the yarn around the edge of your knitting, just leave it where it was before you slipped the last stitch. If you’re on a purl row, slip the last st with the yarn in front. Then when you turn it and knit the first stitch, the yarn is in the right place for a knit st. If you’re on a knit row, slip it with the yarn to the back and it’s in the right place for the first purl stitch on the next row.