New Phase of Career

I am happy to announce that starting in January 2009, I will be embarking on an exciting new phase of my career! I will begin Professional Copy-editing Certification (12-15 months training) through a reputed on-line program. Once completed, I may continue with additional Technical Communication Certification (an additional 12-18 months training) to compliment my scientific background in Zoology, Human Biology and Chiropractic.

My career goal with this education is two-fold: first, I plan to contribute to the field of chiropractic (I am one - had a private practice for 8 years which I sold to be at home for my step-kids) by offering both professional copy-editing services to chiropractic researchers to assist them in getting published in peer-reviewed literature and to offer chiropractors in private practice my expertise for their Web sites and/or practice communication materials. I also plan to work from home either doing free-lance projects or through working for an organization with a specialty in natural health, cooking, ecology, writing and/or wildlife conservation.

In the meantime, I have been advised to seek an internship and/or employment in which I can gain experience in the field of proofreading and editing.

I’d like to ask for your help in TWO ways:

First, I’d love your prayers for success in this new endeavor as any new thing can be challenging and stressful, although exciting.

Second, if you have any of the following resources (I have some already but am always open to new ideas), I’d welcome them:

-Direct contacts in the magazine/newsletter/corporate non-government world who could help me find a proof-reading and/or copy-editing internship in northern Virginia or from home
-Small projects that you’d like me to proof-read and/or copy-edit at no charge to gain experience (PM me with details, please)

Thanks!!! :heart:

Prayers for your continuing success and hope for your dreams and goals~!

Hmmm, I may have some small projects in the future as I’m testing the waters in pattern design!

Good luck to you!

Congratulations and best of luck! :hug:

Hey, I have a unfinished 100page dissertation that could use some proofing… :wink:


good luck!!

Crossed Fingers Good luck. I hope things work out well for you.